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PAM Data Warehousing

Datewarehousing has become a fundamental component of the enterprise’s data architecture. It provides a means to store massive amounts of data to enable a wide variety of analytics, from history reporting to business intelligence informatics. A key issue encountered in datawarehousing is updating the large data store with current data changes. For example, a correction made to a trade performed ten (10) days ago can cascade down to over a million data points in a datawearehouse to all data dependent on that trade, from position updates to reporting. Such updates can be very time consuming and taxing on the resources of a datawarehouse. Princeton Financal Systems provides its InfoHub product as the primary means of updating a datawarehouse. It uses the publish-subscribe methodology for queing database updates. However, this has proven to be very slow and cumbersome. Through technology found in products like Imperva (, InfoTilt offers a suite of products, including PAMMessage Notifier, to address demands for realtime or near realtime PAM datawarehouse updates.