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PAM System Optimization

PAM System Optimization is a key area of focus for InfoTilt. As PFS PAM has a single-threaded, single-process architecture, a number of PAM users are experiencing bottlenecks when they attempt to scale PAM. Most of these bottlenecks are felt in start of day and end of day processing (specially in the calculation of valuations for reporting to exchanges and related third parties). InfoTilt provides detailed consulting services to discover the sources of PAM system bottlenecks. Upon discovery of such bottlenecks, InfoTilt provides a complete hardware-software solution to optimize PAM. InfoTilt’s PAM hardware-software solution has often been referred to as “PAM on Steroids”. This is because we typically are able to make your PAM system perform at over 2 times faster. In some cases, we have been over to increase PAM processing throughput for some clients by 1000 percent! Contact Us today and let us increase your business productivity by optimizing your PAM system.