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What is it?

PAM Messenger is a software solution that provides seamless integration with PAM. PAM (“Porfolio Accounting System”) is an enterprise grade portfolio accounting system developed by Princeton Financial Systems. Due to its robustness in efficiently supporting a wide range of accounting methodologies, PAM has experienced significant growth in market share in the fund accounting space. With this growth there has been an increasing need to interface PAM with external systems, from trading systems to reconciliation systems.

PAMMessenger, a product of Infotilt Corporation, addresses the issue of interfacing with PAM by providing a seamless solution to publish data into PAM and extract data from PAM. PAMMessenger can be configured to retrieve data from a file, a database or a messaging transport (i.e. IBM MQ or Tibco RV). Through its intuitive mapping interface and client provided reference data, PAMMessenger can map and transform data for publication to PAM and extraction from PAM.

PAM Messenger Architecture Diagram

A key component of PAMMessenger is the ability to communicate with PAM in PAM’s native language, the PAM Message. A PAM Message is essentially a nesting of functions with embedded parameters that instruct PAM to take a specific action.For example, to insert a BUY trade into PAM, one would issue the PAM Message:

TAPURCHASE(ADD,1,SECID(1,120330048), 8/2/2009, 8/5/2009,BOA)

This embedded function like message forms core of the PAM messaging protocol.PAMMessenger processes all PAM Message groups, including:

  • Security Master (SMF)
  • Market Data
  • Transaction
  • Cash
  • Corporate Action

It provides bidirectional communications with PAM through a series of PAMMessenger Adapters that communicate directly to your trading system reconciliation system, reporting system or cash management system. Infotilt provide data interfacing services to connect PAM to your custom system.