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Case Study


Northstar Financial Services is an Omaha, Nebraska based financial services conglomerate wih over $245 Billion under management. Through the provision of a host of financial services, NorthStar “empowers investment advisors.” NorthStar employs Princeton Financial Systems PAM as its mutual fund portfolio accounting system. In the past few years, NorthStar has seen astronomical growth. Northstar has had the fortune to dramatically increase its holdings and assets under management. Unfortunately, NorthStar’s PFS PAM installation has not been able to scale to the rapid growth experienced by the company. NorthStar found that their PAM installation could not calculate Net Asset Value (NAV) on its funds in time to meet the stringent reporting Service Level Agreements it had in place. Without the ability of NorthStar’s accounting system to meet the SLAs, NorthStar’s growth was essentially brought to a halt. NorthStar turned to a number of vendors for assistance. It turned to Princeton Financial for help in optimizing PAM. It further turned to database and system consultants to help it address its bottleneck. When these vendors were unable to address the issue at heart, NorthStar called upon InfoTilt’s PAMMessage for assistance. The primary question put before InfoTilt was how to scale a seemingly unscalable product (PFS PAM) to increase processing throughput at least two fold. InfoTilt, through knowledge garnered from its PAMMessage product and decades of combined information technology and financial services experience, was able to leverage its domain expertise to provide NorthStar with a solution to potentially increase its processing throughput twenty (20) fold!

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