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The greatest bottleneck to a PAM implementation tends to be the time required to integrate the PAM into the eneterprise. This integration involves getting PAM to communicate with both upstream and downstream systems, including trading systems, reconciliation systems, auditing systems and reporting systems. In addition to integration of the technological infrastructure to communicate with PAM, a substantial amount of time is also invested to detail workflows for interacting with PAM.

PAMMessenger greatly facilitates the technological effort of communicating with PAM. Out of the box, PAMMessenger provides a set of key interfaces for communicating with PAM. PAMMessenger effectively reduces the time to implementation from 50% to as much as 90%, depending on the complexity of the implementation. It takes the grunt work out of learning the complexities of PAM Messaging by providing the transport to communicate with PAM in its native language. Through it’s mapping and data transformation components, it streamlines communications to one core system within the enterprise. This improves manageability and maintainability.

Further to assist in data transformation and workflow efficiency maximization, Infotilt Corporation, the developers of PAMMessenger, offers a robust set of consulting and data services.