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Have you experienced performance issues with PAM. Have you missed Service Level Agreements because PAM was simply not able to keep up with the load of calculations you need to complete? Have you had to augment staff to revert to manual processing to offset PAM’s performance issues? Does PAM become slower with every fund you onboard? InfoTilt offers a PAM solution to eradicate your PAM performance woes.

Introducing PAM-IN-Parallel. PAM-IN-Parallel is a revolutionary software product that allows PAM’s single-threaded, single-process model to utilize today’s powerful multi-threaded, multi-process computing environment to complete all of your PAM processing tasks in fractions of their original time. Imagine being able to calculate your NAVs in the 20% of the time it currently takes!

InfoTilt offers a complete hardware-software solution that will be specifically suited to your business needs. We guarantee substantial performance gains from the implementation of our PAM-IN-Parallel product.