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PAM Messenger Notifier

A key issue in connecting systems to PAM where realtime data updates is necessary is how does one pull such data without substantially degrading the performance of the entire PAM system. A common means of getting “real-time” data is to constantly poll the database for changes by running queries against the database. In large database, running poll queries at short regular intervals adds a substantial load on the overall performance of the database. This is specially the case in a PAM database where many short data reads and writes performed by the PAM software already tax the database.

To address the issue of efficiently getting data updates from the PAM Database, Infotilt created PAM Messenger Notifier. This product works very similar to another market product called Imperva ( It uses advanced technology to sit on top of the database to capture data changes without the need to constantly query the database. This allows PAM Messenger Notifier to provide near real-time database update notifications with minimal database impact. It also allows the users of the PAM Messenger Notifier to directly target data sought once that specific data is updated in PAM.